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Ugreen Optical Audio Cables

At ugreen, we know that you need the best digital audio cable when you buy it. We're the only company that produces optical cables with toslink and spdif connectors so you can easily connect your digital audio devices to the right digital audio form factor. Plus, our cables are made with a high quality american made plastic that will give your entire home the look of last years model.

Top Ugreen Optical Audio Cables Comparison

The ugreen toslink digital optical audio cable is perfect for using with your blu-ray player record. This cable is made from high-quality nylon braid for a strong and stable connection. The braid is also water resistant for protection against damage.
ugreen optical audio cables are perfect for those who love to watch tv and use their ps3 and xboxone gaming devices. They are ideal for connecting to your home's fiber-optic network, allowing you to have smooth, true-to-life audio and video experience.
our ugreen optical audio cables are perfect for those who want to improve their digital audio experience. They are a perfect choice for those who want to listen to music or video over the air from their television or computer screen. This ugreen digital audio cable is easy to use and provides an excellent connection for all your digital audio needs.